The Moon and The Divine Feminine Energy




If you didn’t already know, the lunar cycle in itself is essentially the different Moon phases, and how they appear differently each night – in a cycle. The Moon doesn’t emit its own light, like the sun, and instead reflects the Sun’s light from across space. This is why the Moon appears to be lit up in the sky when, in actual fact, it’s just acting like a mirror of some of the Sun’s light.

The lunar cycle is the rotation of various phases which the Moon goes through over the course of 29.5 days (almost a month). Each phase is determined by the Moon’s position relative to the Sun and the Earth, as the Earth orbits the Sun and the Moon orbits the Earth, so these alignments and positions are forever changing. You may have heard the names of the different moon phases before, and these are:

  • New Moon
  • Waxing crescent
  • First quarter
  • Waxing gibbous
  • Full Moon
  • Waning gibbous
  • Third quarter
  • Waning crescent

The above is one lunar cycle, and some phases will appear at different sizes (more or less of the moon showing) for a few nights in a row.





You know how the lunar cycle works but, more importantly, how does it affect women? Throughout each month, the Moon’s light depends on its position relative to the Sun and the Earth, and each of its phases broadcast different energy levels to women, as well as different moods. These different moods and energy levels affect our daily life, and make us feel differently about certain things, or perhaps feel more sensitive. By knowing about this, we can adjust our lives to cater for our own personal needs and enhance our natural spiritual beauty.

If you want to know what to expect, and how you should best approach daily life, during each lunar phase, here are the different phases and how they specifically affect women:


New Moon

A new Moon is present at the start of a new lunar cycle, and appears completely black, without any of the Sun’s light shining on it. In fact, the Sun’s light is shining on the Moon, just on the ‘back’ (a.k.a. the side facing away from Earth) so we can’t see any of this light. Hence, we cannot see a new Moon as we can’t see its illumination.

Because the new Moon is at the start of a fresh cycle, you can also see it as a fresh start for yourself, and it’s the perfect opportunity to set your goals and intentions for the lunar month ahead. Taking some time away from the rest of your busy life to do so on the day of a new Moon can be really beneficial, an ensure you get the most out of this month. Manifestation and meditation are also good things to do during this time. Make the most of a full Moon, as it gives you a boost of concentration and energy.


Waxing Moon

There are three parts to the waxing Moon (waxing crescent, first quarter and waxing gibbous), all of which mark the time when the Moon is ‘growing’ from a new Moon to a full Moon. This is a result of the Sun’s light coming from different angles and being reflected more and more on the ‘front’ of the Moon.

The waxing phases are a good time to start making your dreams reality, and letting your spirit guide you through life. If you are following the energy of the Moon, these days of the waxing phase will put you in a good mood and give you a perfect time to welcome joy and happiness into your life. Any fears or attempts of control in your manifestation can be released and instead focus on how happiness feels like.


Full Moon

The full Moon is the result of the Moon being exactly opposite the Sun, which has a harmonic balance. 

During this time, your yin & yang are naturally balanced perfectly and harmoniously, and also means feelings and emotions are enhanced more than usual. This means you should focus on gratitude and the beauty of the world around you – positive things – so you can benefit from these enhanced feelings of happiness, rather than stress or sadness. Release any tension you may feel, and even consider something creative, like art, to help this process along and really make the most of your time. Something as simple as just sitting beneath the Moon can also have a great positive effect and empower you further. 


Waning Moon

The waning Moon also contains three stages (waning gibbous, third quarter and waning crescent), but is the time when the Moon is ‘shrinking’ instead. You’ll notice that the Moon is smaller each night, as it’s moving towards the end of the month, ready for a new Moon.

All energy slows down during the time of the Waning moon, and so it’s a good idea to take your time a little more with certain activities, and practice meditation. If you’re looking for the perfect time for self-reflection and review, this is it. However, you are more likely to experience feeling of stress, anxiety or self-consciousness, which you need to choose to reject in your mind. Practicing something empowering such as affirmations will help you with this.



Divine Feminine Energy and Moon Cycle


It’s important to know about these Moon phases and how they affect us, because they can help women build in character and spiritual energy. The balance in line with the Moon can also help is to make effective, day-to-day decisions which will benefit us the most depending on where our bodies are. Each night, the Moon just embraces the phase it’s in at that moment, and lets the whole world know. Its appearance is always dependence on its position relative to the Earth and Sun, no matter what. By following the example of the moon, women are embracing how they feel, and how their bodies are, at that certain point in time and then adjusting habits and decisions to make the most of each lunar phase. We feel different throughout different points in the moon phase, so we should look after ourselves differently too, and even take a different approach to life some days.




If you want to align with the Moon, all you have to do is track its cycle, reflect and make the most of each stage whilst it’s there. There are apps you can use to determine what phase the Moon is in, so just follow these.

 Once you start your life aligning with the Moon, you’ll feel empowered and receive external benefits, as well as develop your inner, spiritual beauty.